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What to use for header gasket?

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I just bought a used Chikara header and I'm going to have to make my own gasket for in between the two pieces. What should I use? I was thinking to use some of that copper gasket paste, but I don't know if that will seal well.

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I've been using this stuff for about 5 years now, and I've never had an exhaust leak at the head, or at any header flanges:

You have to clean the surfaces well. Use acetone or some other strong solvent. The mating surfaces have to be relatively flat and parralel. Make a 1/8" diameter bead all around the openings. Let the bead set for about 30 minutes. Bolt it together and let it dry for a couple hours. You now have a semi flexible seal that will not leak. Don't need the gasket at all. I have had brand new gaskets that did not seal because the surfaces were not that great. This stuff takes up some minor imperfections that would not otherwise seal up.

I have to credit The Old One for this tidbit.
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