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why would you just buy new fronts?
you can get away with performance dampers up front only, since the rear damper shaft has more travel then the front. sounds strange, but the rear is more spring depended then the front and vise versa.

I say its the ebay coilovers, my cousin had that waay back on his Si and thats exactly what i would do....them long drives made me sick
this has less to do with the springs then you think. the dampers where probably blown and the springs were set at a level too low. my EH3 has ebay specials w/ stock ITR dampers, it rides better then the SK2 springs on tokico blues i had on my EJ6 before or the SK2 sleeve overs i have on it currently.

spring rate
ride height
suspension travel
damper valving
bushing condition

all of these play a part in how a suspension will re-act to the road. blaming the springs is narrow view and leads to horrid suspension set-ups leading to people upset with the final out come.
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