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what plugs and oil

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my motor should be back next week and im going to be starting to assemble my turbo kit get the tuning done and eventually be rippin balls just wanted to know a good setup of oil and plugs to run for the car its fuly built y8 zex comp cam srp pistons eagle rods blah blah blah

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I Used SEA30ND for break in (50 miles)
Then 10/40 Pennzoil (Cold weather) or 20/50 pennzoil (hot weather)

Now that the engine has 4000miles, i'm going to change to 15-50 mobil 1.
I was told to run thicker oil by NRG-Tech who did my 1st tune because my motor is boosted and high comp...
Go to your local NAPA. Get NGK BKR7-es plugs. IIRC they were OEM on some Astons.
I paid around $1.5/pc for mine.
In their system, they can cross reference the MFR part number
Here it is:
Spark PlugPart No.Stock No.Plug GapPhotoV-Power BKR7E 6097 .030

Walk into a napa and tell them you need spark plugs for your 1998 Aston Martin DB7... lol baller
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napa has them YAY! 60/97 plugs 1.64 each holding 12 of them for me! thanks alot guys!
Tell them you have AAA and you'll get a discount...
Stock plugs were 5's for me... look on your cam gear cover if you're stock or close
1 - 5 of 41 Posts
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