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I got a nice Z6 head all ready to go and installed then I discovered my d15B2 block knocks. I am setup for OBD1 right now. I would like to replace the block with a D16Z6 or A6 since I have plans of turboing later. I would like to use my nice z6 head since I've already got everything wired and set on it.

So I started looking at my options. I need some input!

craigslist/newspaper/local salvage yard
(no shipping, high miles)
Found a Y8 w/ tranny (188k)from a local guy for $500 bucks

hmotors jdm SOHC ZC non-vtec
(a complete D16A6 with a warranty, way better than the y8 above)
$395+225 shipping=$620

ebay engine
(questionable quality no warranty)

Junk yard engine
(prolly get stuck with a D15 and questionable quality)

I'm in colorado so if anyone has a block for sale/don't need let me know.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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