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98 Civic Hatch
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Hey everyone, just traded my 96 cbr600 for a 98 civic hatch dx with a d16y8 in it. I’ve always wanted a hatch. Pretty happy with it. It was terrible when I picked it up though. Ignition timing was WAY off. PO had TWO intake manifold gaskets on it, one for the manifold with secondary air injection, one without, and he was wondering why the idle was surging. Perhaps it was because of the vacuum leak it was causing idk. Lol. Front right turn signal bulb socket was completely gone. VSS was going out. I think I may need a new cluster because the speedo is still acting wonky after replacing the VSS. Has a leak coming from the windshield near the passenger visor. Has terrible altezza tails. Steering rack has a leak, so not running the pump atm. Needs new suspension and steering components. Was running crazy stretched tires. Had one adjustable upper control arm ball joint turned the wrong way. Needed all new ignition components. Has oil leaks from both front and rear main seals. I think the valve seals need to be replaced as well. Needed the valves adjusted. Secondary o2 sensor was just rattling around loose. The exhaust also has a rattle somewhere. Shifter stabilizer needed new bushings. Wasn’t even bolted down properly. The bracket doesn’t even line up with the bolt holes. Had to drill a new one. I think that’s about it lol. Needs work to say the least. The guy I got it from said “Only thing wrong is that the power steering doesn’t work and needs driver side tie rod.” What a joke right?!? Ha. All good. I love to turn wrenches. Going to turbo the d eventually after I get all the issues sorted out. I’ve already learned a lot from the site, reading up on stuff. I had an 02 Audi TT running a 50 trim, stage 3+ tune. Spun a rod bearing in that guy. I wanted something different. So here I am. 👍

Here’s what it looked like when I got it

Traded those wheels for these. I like them a lot better.

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