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got my incar together from my first prosolo - fun stuff right there.

still slow, but I'm slow faster now - only 10% slower times, as opposed to the 20% slower from last weekend.

right side - was slow on this side all day saturday, sunday got gridded starting on the right, so I'd only get one run on warm tires. totally botched my first run (spun), managed to drop 0.5 s on my 2nd, but not nearly as quick as I managed on the left.

Did manage my fastest RT of .535 on this one.
YouTube - SCCA ProSolo Wendover 2010 - SMF #67 Right Side

left side - pulled this out on my last run on saturday. dropped 1.6 seconds on this run, down to where I wanted to be - under 45s. I was pretty happy about the time.
YouTube - SCCA ProSolo Wendover 2010 - SMF #67 Left Side

Bottom line - if there's a prosolo anywhere near you, go do it - it's a hoot.
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