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Ok, I'm sick of that billyjoe spambot ruining my thread so I'm gonna boot up another one. Let's recap:

2000 civic sedan, just shy of 200k miles, y8 automatic.
-Drives perfect for a seemingly random amount of time, might be 5 minutes, might be 4 hours
-then suddenly D4 flashes as if the ECU has a code, but there is no code according to the Honda dealer's OBD2 scanner
-sometimes the car surges a bit when it's doing it but not all the time (in any gear)
-let it sit for 3+ hours, and the conditions reset to the first line of this
-PCM has been replaced
-all sensors have been (cold) tested on the tranny
-I cleaned every ground I could find in the service manual thoroughly
-the shifter's electronic slider board has been completely apart and cleaned, and seems to have good contact, but I haven't ruled it completely out yet
-the main relay has been completely re-soldered
-fluid level is good, always ATF Z1 changed at 10k mile intervals for a while now.

Haven't been able to get it to act up recently, so it seems to be weather-related. I want to check the tranny sensors' resistances hot right after it acts up but haven't been able to.

If that checks out I have a spare dizzy with a bad sensor to swap guts with (might do it anyway, new coil cap rotor ignitor and all).

I'll keep you posted if my diagnostics reveal anything.

(The old issue of the rapidly flashing MIL and clicking lockup solenoids seemed to have been resolved by the cleaning of the t-stat ground.)

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Have you tried a different gauge cluster or checked the contacts for the shift postion indicator lights?

D4 position also controls convertor lockup, might be the surging you felt.
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