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I have a Integra DC1 JDM it has a weird 2 plug ECU
ZC non v-tec engine, converted to 5 speed manual, and I put on a P28 chipped ECU RTP with Crome.

I have found this link:
Swapping your manifold bladiebla
on how to Repin it.

I followed the instructions from the site and the car starts fine without any CEL.
the problem is if I'm done driving the car hard it begins to do weird...
after every pull the car begins to bog and sputter even if I give it full throttle. but if I turn off the car and start it again everything is fine again.
it keeps doing this if I pull the car hard.

weird this is I don't get any CEL.

Did something go wrong at the rewire (I checked everything twice) or is it something else?
Can anyone help?
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