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Weight of flywheel?

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I am driving a 4dr D16Z6 SOHC ride. Can anyone tell me what is my stock flywheel weight? Thinking of upgrading it, so any recommendation from expert here? Thanks in advance, all input are welcome, cheers
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I believe they're 16 lbs.

What do you mean by "upgrade"? Lightened? What is the purpose of your ride? Daily driver, drag, auto-x?
18 lbs for stock, CX/VX were 15
transzex is correct...
if your upgrading i wouldn't go any lighter than 12lbs though. IMO
Thanks for the reply, cheers
have check my y8, it is 18 ibs. i recommend Fidenza and DTM, they r lighthen flywheel, strong and gd for daily use n sometime rcae use.
I have a ACT streetlite flywheel. It is 12lbs. Works well and freed up some revs, and made my B&M shifter serve a purpose.
7lb fidanza here. and have no complaints. =) good luck. less rotational weight is good for you
18 lbs for stock, CX/VX were 15
You're sure ? I got one who's sitting in the garage :) Maybe I could install it instead of heavy y7.
how dare thee question me.........



11.5 lb cut down stocker

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i just got a VX flywheel for free, so if i decide to take the trans off, i will be using it, cause i am to poor to order an act flywheel.
Love my 8.4lbs ACT ProLite. My dad, gf and friend who had to drive my car few times hated it lol 8)
Is the D15B the same as a Z6? I'm using whatever came with it...
Yea, I hear not to really go below 11lbs. for street driving. I want a lightened flywheel though....
I have a 8lb Gripforce/Fidanza in my Accord, daily driven; no complaints here. People that drove my car barely notice any difference. The stock flywheel for that car is 18lbs.
how dare thee question me.........
sry masta 1000 lashings lol but ya transex can answer any question u could ever have related to cars!!! dont second guess experience
or my powers of research using google.
Thanks for da pics Transzex.Am I learning yet.
7lb fidanza on my d15 w/ exedy stg 1 clutch on my daily driven ef hatch and it works great no complaints here. the lightened flywheel might take some time to get used to but I don't have any problems pulling hills or taking off. works pretty damn well
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