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Wanted: KYB AGX or GR2 Front Shocks

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Hey all, my never ending search for random stuff has left me looking for a front pair of agx or gr2 shocks for my integra. They can be off a civic because I have the lower forks left over from my del sol so I can use these on the integra. Let me know if you have these or any other decent front aftermarket shocks.
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i got mine off of ebay brand new for $291 for all four. i think they sell front and rears by them selfs.
Havent seen any fronts lately. I picked up a set of rear gr2s for the integra for $24 and want to put on some fronts when I swap springs here shortly. I have agx's on both my civic and my accord, so kyb has worked out well for me.
still looking
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