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Wanted** Intake manifold porting services**

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I was wondering if anyone does porting work on Intake manifolds. I have a y8IM in need of porting work. Thought one of our members could use the business. Hope its ok to post this here?
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I have an extra auto y8 IM that I want to do all of the above. Port matching to a y8 IM gasket, TB matching to H22 TB(@60mm), and Extrude Honing IM. Also need to mount the eacv(manual version) on back instead of on the bottom of TB so I can use other TB's.
I also have a couple of D15b7 IM's (go ahead and laugh). Can you work with it for a sleeper project or is the b7 IM too small?
1 - 2 of 6 Posts