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Wanted** Intake manifold porting services**

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I was wondering if anyone does porting work on Intake manifolds. I have a y8IM in need of porting work. Thought one of our members could use the business. Hope its ok to post this here?
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What are you interested in doing? Opening up the main intake for a larger TB? Extrude honing the entire IM? Port matching to a particular head? Everything is easily accomplished here...

IandI Motorsports
Diablo said:
How much would you charge for a good p&p on a Z6 head.
$600 for the P&P which includes head resurfacing (if needed), valve job, shimming the valve springs (if needed) and neal valve seals. If there are any problems with the valves or guides (bent/worn out, etc.) then I replace them, but it will cost you more. I have a sponsorship with a local Honda dealership (for our racecar) so I buy parts at cost and will pass along the cost savings to you - what I pay for them, you pay for them...

Port matching the IM to the head - $100...

Port matching the EX or Header - $100...

The prices quoted are for a street/strip head - if you are wanting more performance, you really need to look at oversize valves, different valve springs, different camshafts and more porting work...

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