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so i have a 98 civic hx with the y5 in it completly stock and just daily drive it.
basically i want to boost my y8 i have, this and all i have bought so far is vitara pistons and eagle h beam rods
my plan is to have that put in with the block hot tanked and bored also with acl bearings and arp head studs
have the head checked out and have a 3 angle valve job done but what i could really get some help on is how i can boost it and try to get around 260whp and not spend a bank load of money this will be my first turbo build.
(note this car will be daily driven) and also will need to be reliable
i know most of the reliable part is all about the tune and i plan on getting
s300 and tune it on like 7,8 maybe even 10 pounds
so please throw your knowledge at me with what i should replace and wht i should buy.
$$$like what should i do to the head can i keep it stock cus i dnt want outragous whp
$$$ should i keep the block at 75mm or go to 75.5mm
$$$ what should i replace on the car like mounts is that nesecary or distributor
$$$ what kind of injectors should i get what size
$$$ and last but not least what is a good turbo kit that is very affordable and reliable

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you said you already bought the pistons, then you ask if you should do 75 or 75.5 well what size pistons do you have???? have you got your block checked out to see if its still within spec? so you know whether or not you have to bore it.

the head is fine for over 400 hp.

you could get away with just poly inserts in your stock mounts

450cc dsm's with resister box would be good.

if you piece together the turbo kit yourself, youll save alot of money.

but if you check out greg at who is a vender on this site, im sure he can give you a good deal--- and you also get quality parts..

as for you saying how much boost you want to run, is pointless right now until you have choosin a turbo.. also, you dont need the s300 for a 260hp mild build... you can get away wiht crome.
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