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When swaping a non-vtec head to a vtec head in a non-vtec car, it is advisable NOT to go with the rpm switch and soleniod method. I just wired a CRX mini-me project for a friend, but it does not work well.

I programmed the switch for 5000 rpms, but the switch has a mind of its own - engauges at 4500-5500..., and it clicks on and off near 5000.

On the road, it does not engauge like a p28. It definatly engauges vtec (checked with a test light). I'm pretty sure there are different fuel maps above 4800 on the p28, that he'll never get with the rpm switch/soleniod method.


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you can add the extra fuel with a adjustable fuel pressure regulator. you can also have the ecu chipped. this might be a dumb question but did you remove the oil jet from the non vtec block?
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