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vtec question

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ok so i dont know really where to put this thread but its just a question/thought i had. not a real problem i suppose?

but why does vtec change sound all the time? some times it loud and some times its quieter? and my car has same setup as my friends car and mines mor audible then his... also sometimes it sounds like it engaged real hard and other times its a soft transistion...

heres another question... when i go into vtec, it will engage ~5500 and then like 6k it sounds like it engaged again(it got louder) like more vtec was there lol is how to put it...

i also think i do have a valve float but im not sure. cause i get nasty sound through the intake around 5k-5.5k
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You are probably hearing the sound transmitting through your air intake. If you have the AC on, are going faster and wind noise covers it, if the car is colder or its cold outside the sound will change. All of these things will affect the sound you hear.

Also you may be having problems engaging it at the right RPM each time. Check your oil pressure gauge.
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