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Venom High Flow Fuel Rail

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Alright this is up for sale again. This rail works for Honda injectors and DSM injectors. I have both laying around and test fitted them on a spare intake manifold as well. I would like to get $60 OBO. Shipping will be free no matter what I just need some extra money. Oh and I will only accept PayPal.
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But did you ever figure out what engine it fits???????????
I tried it on a d16z6 intake manifold with z6 injectors and it all lined up.
60 bucks im seriously thinking about it. is that a bad pic or does it look a little rusty.
its not rusty its just a dirty. I can post some pics of it on a z6 manifold with the injectors if anyone would like.
do it a.s.a.p. if it looks good ill buy most def.
Sold to BigTuna already. Mods can close.
Shipped out today.
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