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valve seal

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I have an interesting question to ask.
So I am putting my z6 head back together and as I was installing the intake valves. I did a, what i guess you can call a seal test. It consisted turning the lights off in the place that is was working in, putting both of the valves into the corresponding spot in the head, then putting a very bright flash light into the entrance of the intake inlet and then looking for any light being shone through the space between valves and the head. What I did this I notice was a very tiny amount of light getting through. It wasn't a full ring all the way around the valve it was just in certain spots, and is not a lot of light, I mean you have to be looking at the certain angle that the valve rims is at in order to see the light. My question is, Is it okay to have a small amount of light bleeding through, and if i was to leave it as it was would i have any compression issues?
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The correct way to test valve seat seal is to install the valve with the springs installed, then add a coloured solvent to the port, then look for traces of dye to seep through. Petrol (gas) is popular, especially if you can get a strong coloured grade.
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