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Vacuum Distribution Block Questions

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Whats up everyone? I am getting close to finishing the EG build. Trying to get the last wiring, routing and details done. One of these details is a vacuum distribution block. I sourced the blocks vacuum from a large port on the Skunk manifold. The turbo I am using does not have a port in the housing so my initial thought was to source its reference from the distribution block. My concern is that the blocks source is on the intake manifold, after the throttle body. So when the throttle is closed will my distribution block still give an accurate reading to things like my wastegate, boost gauge, etc. I guess in a more direct way to ask this is if it is okay to get the vacuum/boost for these things from the intake manifold or does it need to be from the intercooler piping prior to the throttle body?
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vacuum check valve. Find an oem one that can be bought brand new.

Plenty of GM and Dodge cars have easy to source ones.

Vacuum reservoir would not be a bad idea as well, to maintain your brakes under spirited driving. THe brake booster does not hold enough vacuum, for me at least. Again, older GM cars are perfect to source vacuum tanks. THey look like big plastic marbles.
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