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Hi friends, I am replacing the clutch hydrauliccylinders.
And the manual to lubricate with urea grease the tip top of slave cylinder pin and to lubricate with brake assembly lube the cylinder rubber boot.

And Honda dealers down here doesnt sell the genuine Honda urea Grease.
I also can see that on Amazon or ebay they have it for sale for $10dollars. But to delivery It to me here at my home It would be more $100 dollars, so It doesnt worth It.
What I can find here is this polyurea Greasefrom Mobil that is called the Polyrex EP Grease that is expensive and comes in a big container, wich I dont need, with that much
the other ones that I can find os the Shell Gadus S3 T1440 thats also expensive and comes in gallons and they will sell It mainly to companies, so...
And the other option there is is this polyurea Grease from a Traktor Company called john Deere:

Will this Grease be a good option for the slave cylinder pin of my​​​ d16y8? Comes in a small container and its cheap. Will It be good for the job?

And please what kind of grease/lube would be the Brake Assembly Lube pointed in the manual?
Brake caliper Grease? Would this grease be an good option: Castrol red rubber grease
"><img src=" /> "> Amazon Amazon Thanks.

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Autozone high temp wheel bearing grease. A tub will last you the rest of your life.
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