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update pics on rex..and my friends del sol

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got some new wheels got rid of my c8's and found these axis yay!! enjoy

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i'm diggin' the rex...
that is one sexy rex
Those are two nice @$$ cars! I really like them both. I dig the del sol, the s2000 tails are sweat. And the 99-00 front end kicks @$$.
poor del sol :-(

Did I miss something.. did something happen to that del sol?
That rex is hottness, need some motor shots!!!
rex is hot as hell man.. maybe if the del sol was painted it would make the tails look a bit better..
Did I miss something.. did something happen to that del sol?
yeah, it looks like shit. my own opinion of course
ty for all the positive comments motor shot of the rex just a sohc :(
that delsol has a throwback remnance of the original batmobile i like it
i like the flat black sol.... its kinda scary that rex is clean...
the CRX is nice :TU:

the Sol needs paint...bad :neutral:
Both cars are nice. Im digging the Del Sol but it needs to get painter and that front end align a lil better. Other than that it looks awesome. Both cars do
Clearcoat and red pinstripe the Sol...nice cars.
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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