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Hey guys, wondering if anyone has a schematic for an EG 5 wire rear fog light switch.

Right now I got the pigtail and the switch and there are 3 red wire and 2 blacks.

from top to bottom:

Black 1
Black 2 (grounds)
Red/Blackstripe (Is continuous no matter what the switch does, and uses black2 as a ground)
Red/yellow (Is continuous with Black1 ground)
Red/White (is depending on switch position and uses black 1 ground)

Now I'm just interesting in how it all comes together.

Red/yellow is parking lights circuits..

Red/white is going to be the input circuit..

what red/black is i am stumped..

any ideas guys?

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Isn't it the output??

Red/Black | | Red/White
IN o--------------- EG --------------o OUT --------o
|__________| Load
GND1 o----- | Red/Yellow ------o GND 2 ------o
\ Switch
12V Parking Lights Circuit

But still somewhat confusing: If Red/White is depending on switch position it will NEVER be tha input, in fact it more likely will be the output.
Sorry my ASCII drawings!!!
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