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So this happened to my girl lastnight :noway:
Looks as if the lower balljoint decided to crap its pants, luckaly we were coasting arround a corrner. . . and not on the highway yet, also we were right down the street from my house so we got it towed there. ughhh now I get to work on it in the snow tomorrow :TD: also the CV shaft ate shit too. . .


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whoa, looks like your prolly gonna need a tire as well...

i imagine it wont be balenced any more and may feel like its square...

im also glad no one was hurt and it can be fixed at home...

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here ya go, im not shure what you want so let me know. Im asuming that it kinda just fell appart when the wheel cocked to the side.[/IMG


Um, that would be the CV joint, not the Ball joint.
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