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88 sedan DX
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I pulled my harness out a while back and finally had time to start soldering it up. I dont have much spare time so my project has been moving sloooow.

Just to get everyone up to speed:
D15B7 into 88 DX Sedan. using P06 Ecu, boomslang OBD0 to OBD1/DPFI to MPFI conversion harness.

I got all the wires soldered together today etc but as i was finishing up I have two wires a yellow/green and a black with nothing on them(see pic for identify) I think one is the oil pres. and the other block temp and they should have solitary pins on them? Someone correct me if I am wrong.

Then I found what looks like an IACV plug hanging from the underside of the motor when i jacked it up last week(see 2nd pic). I am pretty positive that the plug in the pic doesnt connect to those wires but I hope i am wrong.

If the plug above doesn't go to those exposed wires where should it go? I have no other exposed wires in the harness now.

Also I have two bare Z6 heads that i am ready to start prepping for the turbo build on a Z6 block.
Oddly enough everyone around here that i know who builds honda motors is from so. cal and none of us know of any good machine shops around the portland(or) metro area. So if anyone knows a good machine shop around here to get a head ported and a 3 angle valve job I'd appreciate the info!

on to the pics....


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