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Will someone please tell me what this is? It looks like an add for engine fuel managent from turboxs for hondas that you run off a gameboy?


TurboXS DTEC Fuel Computer

If you have modified your vehicle, then the factory engine management system may not be delivering the correct amount of fuel. The DTEC-FC can be used to restore the correct amount of fuel to ensure optimum performance. The DTEC-FC works by altering the main load signal to the factory ECU. Increasing or decreasing this signal by an amount determined by the DTEC-FC’s programmable map can manipulate the factory ECU into delivering the optimum amount of fuel for the engine.

The DTEC-FC uses additional inputs such as engine speed and throttle position/MAP to determine the requirements of the engine. The DTEC-FC incorporates four user programmable points of throttle position/MAP to scale the amount of fuel perfectly through 18 programmable RPM ranges. When you mechanically increase the fuel flow on your setup by either larger injectors/pump or a fuel return line that increases the fuel pressure, you’ll need a way to dial back that fuel electronically. The DTEC intercepts the factory MAP/MAF signal and fools the vehicle’s PCM into thinking you’re consuming less boost/air flow into the engine. This provides the vehicle with proper air fuel ratios along with preventing the PCM from retarding timing or hitting “fuel cut” due to maxing out the factory MAP/MAF sensors. The DTEC-FC gives you the ability to save four different fuel maps for different boost pressure and fuel type settings. Drive everyday on your pump gas map, then head to the track and switch to your race gas map after you fill up with the good gas. The DTEC fuel computer not only has the ability to fine tune your air fuel setting, but also gives you real time vehicle sensor gauges such as TPS/MAP (load), RPM, Knock Count, Injector Duty Cycle, EGT (with optional EGT sensor), and Wideband Air Fuel (with optional Tuner box). The DTEC will also datalog all of these sensors for fine tuning. Included with the DTEC fuel computer is a remote mounted KnockLite that doubles as a programmable shift light as well. The KnockLite is completely programmable and adjustable to view and understand severe knock and light knock with the different colored LED flashes. You can also program your shift points with the KnockLite to have your own built in shift light in case you don’t know how to read a tachometer.



Upload/Download Maps: You can use a laptop to upload and download fuel maps (real time datalogging and fuel map adjustments can only be done with a Nintendo Game Boy.)

Built in Tach Driver: Turbo XS incorporated the tach amplification into the KnockLite so there is no need for any additional tach driver for an accurate RPM signal.

Real Time Display: TPS/MAP (load), RPM, Knock Count, Injector Duty Cycle, EGT (with optional EGT sensor), and Air/Fuel (with optional Tuner box).

Ability to store/switch between 4 different maps.

Vehicle Specific Wiring Instructions: For most Honda, Infiniti (G35), Mazda (Miata, RX-8, RX-7), Mitsubishi (88-99 Eclipse, Lancer, Evo 8, and 3000GT), Nissan (350z, 240sx, 180sx, Skyline, and Silvia), Subaru (WRX/STi, and Legacy), and Toyota (Supra, MR2, Celica, and Corolla).

INCLUDES: Knock light, DTEC unit w/ interface and power cables, sensor interrupt unit, RJ12 data transfer cable, cable adapter to transfer maps to a PC, power input cable, power clip for 9V battery, instruction manual, and vehicle application guide.

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Ive seen that before in dsport magazine..... always thought it was only compatible with wrx's ....

kinda cool

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it's just a fancy afc. my buddy was going to buy that for his turbo/nitrous pt cruiser.
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