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turboing issues driving me nuts

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Hi there need help very badly
My setup is a d15b with the following
IhI turbo very quick spooling (2500rpm)
intercooler front mount with 2.25" pipeing
down pipe 2.50" all th way back to a 5zigen exhaust
fuel management p28 chipped urberdata with 255lph fuel pump
and 460cc injectors.vehicle is running very strange
rpms go up and down and idle is 650.Running at 8psi of boost

Yesterday tried adjusting idle by following service manual jumping service
connector and disconnect IAC and adjust by adjusting didn't help ( scanned for codes and came up with IAC/TPS/Heated o2 sensor) It is very odd tried resetting the ecm as per manual by removing ecm fuse and disconnecting neg battery terminal for 10min and still no luck.can it be that my ecm is shot or is the parts faulty for real.The chilton manual doesn't tell you how to test the parts can someone tell me or guide me on how to test the parts

Any inputs would be nice
Thank you
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Sounds like bad sensors.
x2 a bad iacv will make your idle bounce like a vacuum leak.

i too tried adjusting idle by the way you described and it didnt do jack. i just turn my running lights on and it keeps my idle around 750 :TU: , just dont forget to turn them off
Sounds like bad sensors.

x3 replace your sensors have hade this happen to me many times :TD:
I have the same issue with my crx just to lazy to deal with it. I want to get rid of it and get a new project.
i always had idle issues with uberdata. i tried all sorts of different settings but i just gave up, switched to crome
help me I'm lost

Well I put on a new tps and a new Iac and still have the same problems
engine check lite still have the same codes.
This is really gving me grief also that I am running a resistor box for the injectors can this have a effect on all of this.has anyone run in the same situation.any suggestions would help.It idles up and down until the car warms up then it idles at 1000rpm
thank you
my car idles at 2k rpm and i have yet to figure out why :lol: modified cars sometimes just don't like to idle. Usually it is because of the maps and or bad sensors. It won't always throw a code.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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