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Turbocharged twin engine CRX build

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Hello d-series, I've been lurking for a few months and now I've decided to share my project with yall.

A couple years ago I wondered if anyone had made a car with two engines so I googled it and came up with these:
turbo twin engine hyundai
and somewhere someone put two of these in a mini cooper (couldn't find the link)
Hayabusa V8 engine
and of course the car and driver crx
Car Lust: Twin-Engine Honda CRX
I've always liked the crx and the idea of giving one twice the potential hp AND AWD to keep more of it stuck to the ground is well, lets just say my hearts beating a little faster just thinking about it.

So back in May I got the chance to buy a CRX. The poor thing was pretty beat up and abused so I got it cheap and thankfully won't feel as bad about tearing it up even more.
The engine in the car was a ZC however it had thrown a rod due to lack of oil :(
Here's a bit of the interior
and then after working all night (I was way to excited to sleep) I got a good bit of trim removed
This thing was a mess, however I found tons of change in the car (it's like a rebate with out the mail-in) and a bunch of tools (allen wrenches, box end wrenches, sockets, and a screwdriver). Also found two brand new rear brake rotors, exhaust gaskets, light bulbs, fuses and other odds and ends (at least 100 air rifle pellets).
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