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1993 Del Sol
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Always wanted to add to this years later lol
D16Z6 Vitara Pistons, p2p rods
8.5:1 CR, Stock Head, Skunk2 mani,
Cast Iron Exhaust Mani wrapped,
2.5 into 3" dp/exhaust,
T3 42a/r turbo .63 exhaust
251whp @ 16psi 3rd gear dyno pull on 93 Ocatane crome tuned. Begins spooling very quickly, and nice and solid by 5.5k till redline 7.2k. I have never launched it yet so I don't know which gears are useless. Top speed on the dyno was 131mph. I still haven't broken it in, the engine only has 135 miles after the rebuild and I haven't data logged. I'm still working on the body now the suspension is done. It's my project car.
61 - 61 of 61 Posts