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Well i just got my hands on a T3/T4 turbo and almost all the stuff for it... now i just have to build the block and the head...
heres the setup im going for as long as i can keep the money coming

Bottom end:
Z6 block
Vitara Pistons
Eagle Rods

Valve Job
Crower Springs and Retainers
Crower stage 2 cam
AEM cam gear

Skunk2 IM
B16 TB
DSM injectors
SFP Turbo Mani
Z6 ARP head studs
Underdrive pulley(just cause i have one laying around)
I might have to replace the oil pan.... hope not...
Chipped ECU

let me know if you guy would change anything or add stuff kindof new at this turbo thing but my friend has stuff just laying around for me to use....

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MyblkVTEC said:
stay away from a UDP crank pulley that is..... bad for turbo aps.....
why do you say that? i've got one on my stock motor and i'm gonna turbo it soon...should i try to find a stock pully?
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