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well ive been contemplating on a turbo for the last few months and finnaly decided that by winter it will officially be turboed but i have a few questions for all of you, the car is a 1998 honda civic ex with a d16y8
i was looking at getting either the greddy kit with the 19t turbo, the edelbrock kit, or peicing together my own set up which will include

1. garret t3 .42/.48 turbo
2. Spoolin performance Log manifold or lovefab shorty manifold
3. spoolin performance 3" downpipe
4. Tial 38mm wastegate
5. greddy intercooler kit
6. Turbo XS RFL BOV
7. RCI 310 injectors
8. walbro 255 fuel pump
9. Greddy emanage
10. Aem uego wideband
11. boost guage
12. stealthmode oil line kit
13. apexi turbo timer

now im sure im forgetting a few little things but thats bassicly it, the car will be tuned by a very good tuner that is in akron ohio, the car will be running stock internals but will be tuned around 12psi to somewhere around 230-240hp

ANY and ALL comments or sugguestions would be appreciated

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