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Hey im starting to build my d16z6, so i can turbo it. I have a list of parts for the setup and I dont think I am missing anything in the setup but if I am let me know. As for the turbo i dont know if its to big, i dont want any turbo lag. My horespower goals are 250-300whp. Heres my setup:

arp headstuds
fuel pump
hks ssqv bov
hondata headgasket
intercooler kit
springs and retainers
t3 t4 t04e A/R .50 compressor stage 3 57 trim turbo .63 A/R turbine
turbo universial oil n fuel kit
vitara pistons n i beam rods
act clutch

theres my setup if theres any parts that are missing can u plz let me know so i can search them up. Is this a good setup for my goals? is the turbo to big or should i go with a smaller one like a t25? would the t25 give me my goals? thanks
1 - 5 of 5 Posts