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96 civic coupe d16y7
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Little bout me im new at this scene im good at working on my car when it
comes to the machanic parts but tunnin it is where im soo lost

its not my dd and thank god cause of alot of down time involved in this
its a d16y7 and its verey clean lately ive been doing body work to send her off for paint in a few weeks but things kindof change and just wanna do turbo now
like all of us we have budgets and sum pp can just buy 3 or 4 s2000s
but anyways i picked out a kit on egay now here comes the hard part
what am i gonna do for tunnin i seen those ob converter wires for 75
so say i do that instead of doin the pigtail way so should i just get my ecu
chipped and use chrome im really good with soldiering so can i just by the chips and do it myself and save sum money plus i herd one of the version is free i mean i wouldnt mind keepin her on a street tune till i can afford a real tune and the boost is gonna b kept low since i am using stock internals
just a few upgrades like all gaskets ect and minor things
i guess what i wanna know is just the tunning part has any ppl in my spot had to go threw this and did there own street tune maybe throw me tips and sum links from a good site i already know where ima gonna get my wire harness kit need help with the chip and tune software to use and must b free thank

and my car is a 96 civicdx auto converted it 2 a 5speed manual usin a ex tranny
alittle bolt on cai,header,99/00 spoiler and tail lights

thanks for any help
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