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Can guys help me peice my setup?
start here:

decide how "cheap" you really want to do it. you could go with a HF manifold w/adaptor hanging a 14b, no ic, and a 1st gen dsm bov. personally i would just try and find a used greddy kit, they could be had for as little as $700.

hey guys, how much should i allocate for the setup?
depends, if you are going to use mostly second hand stuff six or seven hundred should cover it. all new stuff, maybe a grand.

i have a is a FPR enough for the stock engine?
no, you will need some kind of real engine managment.

or should i convert to OBDI?
yes convert.

Is there a reference to a very basic setup?
just look at the greddy kit. it is very basic and straight to the point. but a basic "kit" will comprise of the following parts:

turbo manifold (or equivelent adaptor)
turbo (of course)
down pipe
charge pipes
waste gate (internal or external)
blow off valve
fuel management
misc. couplers and t-clamps
(optional) intercooler
(optional) upgraded fuel pump

btw: this is all covered in the thread i noted above. also, welcome to the site.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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