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im trying to setup a base map for a d16a6 with 700cc in jector but on turbo edit there no option for 700 the biggest is 450cc. i was wondering if there a calculation i can do or a certain way i can scale the map for 700cc injectors

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Yeah. It's easy.

Start with a stock map.

Then, take your stock injector size: 240cc and divide by your new injectors size: 700cc.

You should get about .343. Multiply the whole map by .343. (Click somewhere in the fuel map, then hold the control key and A to select the whole map. Hit the control key and E at the same time to bring up the edit box. Type in .343 into the Multiply By box then click OK.) And there you go.

You are going to end up with values in the area at or just about the minimum limit of 1.08ms (milliseconds).
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