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Hi Guys,

Is there much point turboing a D14Z1? although this is a show car, so it won't be used for any racing values and so on, just for looks (ricer).

Current stats of my car are:

D14Z1 engine
Carbon Fiber Whale Intake
Coilovers (don't know the name)
Rota Aleica 15" Front 8J | Rear 9J
Function7 Lower Control Arms with Subframe

Location : England

I want to be installing a D16Y8 Intake Manifold, one of my civic friends have done this and has reached 126bhp on a 1.4 (same as mine)

Remember, this is for show purposes.

I know there is a lot of threads about turboing engines however I can't seem to find anything regarding this one, the D14Z1 or any D14 engines out there.

This is just a silly question, I am prepared for silly answers LOL

But thank you for reading,

Have a good day,

Thank you.


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if its just for show, buy a blown turbo and clean it up. get to show, remove header, bolt on turbo manifold, run your lines, and hook up the intercooler......or do as much as you can to fake like you have it all.

shit, make it easier. have someone make a decal the shape and size of your hood. on that decal, find a google image of a turbo motor. install decal on hood and never open hood.
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If you're just going for looks, then spend it on the exterior. If you want some power, looks, and attention get a k20 swap.
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