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looking to get a used turbo saw an older turbonetics on cl. asked buyer what trim it was he said t3/t4 48 trim i feel like this is way too small but i havnt asked him what a/r or even hot side specs. he said that its good for up to 400 hp but i tend not to believe anybody selling used stuff on classifieds.

my question is what should this turbos compressor a/r and hot side trim and a/r be?

im looking to hit boost at between 3400 4400

ive been looking for 57 trim t3/t4 in general and they're hard to find.

d16z6 stock internals daily driven
will get internals at a later date bottom end, head work, and most electronics will come now.

ive been doing tons of research and i will try to only post if i NEED help specific to my situation.

thank you
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