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Hello All, New guy here but not new to honda's. I've been searching and haven't found a solid answer about the ability to run a socketed(chipped) ecu with the oem auto trans.

I did read you can run a p28 with external tcu's in b-swaps using a p72 base map, but again nothing about D's....I've seen people talking about being tuning automatic D's with crome?

Would appreciate any knowledge on the subject.

Also before the Flaming commences yes Autotragic's are gay! lol Agree 100%. Unfortunately all of the 5 speeds in my AO are beat to hell and I found a clean EG Coupe (EX) I got it as I took a new job and commute 92 miles a day. Just tuned it up yesterday (all OEM cap, rotor, wires and plugs timing set at 16') drain and filled trans twice with Honda fluid. Oil change, replaced the rear engine mount ect....

I don't really want to do a manual swap at the moment (to much down time) I'm kinda doing things in phases right now. Next step is the exhaust(lots of leaks and rattles like hell). going to fab up a cat back in 2.25" magnaflow glass pack as a resonator to a vibrant oval muffler using mandrel bends.

Phase 3 will be timing belt, water pump, cam and crank seals, adjust valves and put an adjustable cam gear on thinking of advancing it +2'

If I can socket and tune the factory ECU then I will boost it for sure. (still have 80% of the stuff laying around and several turbos that are well suited) (RC440's, new IC and tubing, gauges, flanges, weld el's, bov, turbo timer ect.....) I would only aim for 160-180whp with fatty tq. Would definitely use ARP studs and a fresh oem HG compression is good. I also have a decent sized trans cooler i'd add. Figure it would make the commute more enjoyable and help in the stop and go traffic (this thing sucks from a dig! lol)

Sorry for the long winded post. Thanks guys.
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