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Hello everyone,
I have built a high comp d16z9.
P29 75.5mm pistons, Webcam stage 2 camshaft, CompCams valve springs, ARP head studs, head ports were polished, 70mm TB, etc.

How would you start tuning an all motor D?
I just started with p28 basemap, added like 15% fuel all over, and started tuning it.

The ignition maps attached below. I know that I still have some work tuning it, I just need some advices or tips of tuning an all motor setup.

I'm doing this on the street and not on a dyno and I have a knock sensor hooked to an amp and earphones for knock detection.
I'm on 98ron (the best available pump gas here), I think it's the equivalent of 93 in the US.

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