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2008 Track Days in the Northeast with COM Sports Car Club

Hey everyone! I'm stopping by to make a quick post regarding COM Sports Car Club’s track days for 2008! COM is based in New England but travels to many of the historic and challenging tracks in the East, Northeast and Canada.

COM Offers Performance driver’s education and time trial series at these prestigious road courses for less then $200 per day. We have top level instructors available and welcome drivers of every experience level, including first timers. For first time participants attending a non-NHMS event, COM will waive its initial membership fee.

April 21 & 22 Watkins Glen International
May 26 & 27 Calabogie Motorsports Park
July 8 & 9 New Hampshire Motor Speedway
August 4 & 5 Le Circuit Mont Tremblant
September 8 & 9 Mosport International
October 25 & 26 New Hampshire Motor Speedway
November 1 & 2 New Hampshire Motor Speedway

We welcome drivers from all areas of the US and Canada.
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92 Honda Civic Si
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Why COMSCC? Affordability, safety and fun is the club's motto for a driver at ANY skill level, REALLY. Most instructors are licensed SCCA, NASA or EMRA drivers and all instructors love the track and learning as much as you do.

Format? COM events are two day events, though you have the option of doing the first day for almost half-price. First day is a full class room and hands-on school for novice, intermediate and first-time COM drivers. The first day, typically run groups look like this:

0 Instructors
1 Fast cars with licensed drivers (typically big-bore, turbo and high performance showroom cars)
2 Slow cars with licensed drivers (everything else)
3 Intermediate students
4 Novice students

There's usually an even split of cars on the track between run groups 1-2 and 3-4. If you are a veteran, the first day turns into a open track day.

Even for students, the second day starts out as two open track sessions for each run group (4 run groups split by car class), time trials are usually between 12-4pm with an hour of open track until 5pm.

Track time? Are you kidding me? at least 160 minutes between the days.

Are you a novice and afraid of going too fast or having a "crazy student" crash into you? all novice drivers go slow... instructors want you learn the car and the track. If another student goes too fast for the run group and the instructor likes what he hears and sees, they often bump that student to intermediate so that "faster students" do not scare the bajesus out of the other students. Plus, I have never heard of or seen an incident with a student driver at a COM event. Students respect the rules of the track and club (period).

You're an experienced driver with another club and don't feel like going slow? You'll probably start off in intermediate and then on a case by case basis, COM instructors will make sure you sure safe to drive solo either in the same run group or higher group. Again, it depends on your instructor and your performance at the track. (With any new track, you should welcome an instructor at least for one session.)

What happens at the end of the first day? Your instructor will evaluate you on your performance, at which point he will recommend that you "need more instruction" or you are "safe to solo". If you've been "sign off" you can run solo the next day in the first two sessions and will be allowed to participate in the time trial.

What will take for me to be "signed off for solo"? SAFETY, "learning" the course, confidence in your driving ability, knowing the limits of your car, accel, braking, cornering/apex, handling traffic and consistency in repeating good/better performance (improving with every session).

Worried about not being "signed off for solo"? no worries, instructors are available for on-track instruction for the first half of the second day, plus open track time with an instructor at the end of day allowing you more track time.

What if I am an instructor at another club or already licensed for club racing in NASA or SCCA? This is right from COM "you go thru the normal student/instructor procedure on 1st session before anything. Need to understand we are a point-by club and this is very important for safety reasons. I suggest when they apply that they so indicate their past experience as this will make it easier for the Chief Instructor (Carl) to decide on having a full student session on just a check by an instructor. However first and foremost - even if you are an licensed F-1 driver with super license - you need to be cleared by a COM instructor."

What's a time trial? like solo in auto-x, time trials consist of racing against the clock, so-to-speak, and going around the course as safely and quickly as possible given everything you have learned. THIS IS NOT A RACE. it should be a measure of your performance and used next year when you return to the same track. Again, it's about having fun and being safe. You're not a F1 driver going for the championship.

What next?

This should be a blast! Club typically gets together between the two days, has a dinner party, etc...Plus, it would nice to have other Hondas there!!!"
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