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I picked up the fronts because they use a locking plate instead of just bolts and lock washers, and I bought the rears because they matched the fronts.

Beefy hardware and plates.

I bought them with new bushings though you can get them without

The fronts with the bushings were $173, and the rears were $99.
I thought I took a pic of the rears before installing them, but I guess I forgot to. Sorry.

They installed and adjusted with no issues.

The rears used a wave washer in place of a lock washer.

They look great, and feel substantial. I will update the thread after an alignment and after I get some miles on them. If the car flys off the road and explodes into flames I will be sure to pass that on. As of right now they seem like a good buy.

All_Rice informs me that they use the same ball joint as the Hardrace, and replacements can be had through them if needed.
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