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Hey so recently I changed the engine in my 96 civic dx hatch. Engine came out of a 98 civic ex. One problem I ran into was a o2 sensor problem since the harness didn’t have a secondary plug. So I had to wire that in which I did and I don’t have the code anymore but now I have a tps sensor code which is the biggest one since it makes my car run like shit. Coolant temp sensor and air temp sensor. I followed this to wire in the sensor. (Below) just wondering if I fucked up and was using the wrong template also when I test my tps I get around .3-.4 volts and when I WOT volts don’t move on all wires in pigtail. If I stole a ground for the tps could I just tie the existing cable back into the ecu pin together with the o2 ground
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I was reading the meter wrong it’s 4.9 one each wire
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