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Torco RTF. You either love it or you haven't tried it yet. Want a free case (12-liters)? We're selling coupons for $5 off an order of Torco RTF. Coupons are $5 and you can buy up to four. We're only selling 100 coupons and once they're all sold we will do a drawing from the pool of people that bought coupons for the free case of RTF Must live in the United States to be eligible for the giveaway (can only ship Torco within the US). Coupon is valid for one year from the time of purchase.

To purchase, message us on here, email [email protected] or text 423-426-2669. Include your full name, shipping address, phone number, email address and how many coupons you'd like. We will then send you an invoice via email so you can securely complete the order. Coupon(s) are not stackable on the same order and may not be combined with any other discounts.

We've given away smaller quantities of Torco and an MFactory close gear set in the past. If this goes well we'll look at doing more items in the future. If you want a chance at a free full transmission build check out the pinned post.

If you've read this and still don't quite know what Torco RTF is, here is a description off of Torco's website. If you need any other Torco products shoot us a message, we're an authorized dealer and have many products in stock.

RTF Racing Transmission Fluid is specifically engineered to reduce fluid drag for increased power efficiency without compromising component durability. It is made from a combination of specially selected 100% synthetic Group IV/V base oils proving superior shear resistance and extreme temperature stability. RTF is specially formulated to exceed the load-carrying and extreme pressure wear protection properties of higher viscosity GL-5 or GL-6 gear oils. RTF provides anti-score protection for high speed, high load and high torque shock-loading conditions, while allowing smooth operation of synchronizers.
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