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We found some NOS (new old stock) Torco oil hiding on our shelves and need to move it. As of this posting we have twelve 1L bottles of each at the pricing below. Combine with Torco MTF or RTF (both regularly priced) and save money on shipping.

SR-1 5W-30 100% synthetic, safe for use with catalytic converters. Normally $12.85/L, now $6.43.

SR-1R 10W-30 100% synthetic, more friction reduction than SR-1. Normally $14.90/L, now $7.45.

TR-1R 10W-30 petroleum base. Normally $10.50/L, now $5.25.

Only available for shipping to US Zip codes. Less than 6 bottles ships via USPS Flat Rate Priority. More than 6 bottles ships by ground based on weight and package size.
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