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Top adjustable system, Ground Control / KYB agx vs. Koni yellows

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I'm planning to use this summer to replace my stock suspension with some performance springs/shocks that are adjustable. The car is a 96 civic ex coupe and it is my daily driver. Im looking more for performance than looks and i like the idea of adjusting the height for winter. I've heard good things about the Ground Control springs (H&R also, but i haven't seen any that are adjustable) and KYB agx shocks as well as the koni yellows. Although I dont take my car to the track often, i would prefer to have a setup that could handle racing conditions as well as sharp cornering on the streets. (Still new with spring rates, but i believe 280f/190r would be a decent step up from the 165/80 stock). Im not as worried about the cost as i am about doing it right the first time. Any advice or heads-up on these brands or any setup that you guys have had would be much appreciated.
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if you go with GC you can order any spring rate you want. there lifetime warranty and its a great sleeves to be paired up with any shock. for shock there's nothing better then koni out in the market! NOTHING! once you choose the spring rate you want you can get the koni to be paired up with the spring rate to have the perfect combo. they adjust the valving and the shock also has lifetime warranty. you said money isnt a problem, this is the route you should take! don't forget to order some extended top hats also from koni. it ends here!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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