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I have some ghetto tools I made from years ago that I still use every once and a while.

^here's my camera mount for my cars. Just a plain PVC pipe with 2 holes and a 10mm bolt. The 2 holes on the left go through the headrest and the 10mm is for the camera. Ghetto but it works! No vibration or anything like that too. I usually attach it to passenger seat.

Here are some vids I took with it.

^Here's my vtec engangement tool. The fitting on the left goes into the check port in the LMA holder. I push compressed air into the other side with a regulator. I used this to check my valve lash when I installed a crower stg. 3 a long time ago.

^Here's my crank pulley holder. I use this with a plumber's wrench to either tighten or loosen the crank pulley by hand. Now I just borrow my friend's 3/4 impact, works much faster.

I gotta clean up my garage before I start posting pics, I got an old school project in there too that my father and I wish to restore.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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