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Full article with pics:

Beaver Built: Tool Review 1: Permatex SaferScraper

What is it?
A plastic razor blade and holder that actually does a decent job of scraping all but the hardest baked on gasket gunk off of sealing surfaces.

What is it good at?
I found it to be exceedingly good at curved or not exactly flat surfaces, as the plastic conforms better. They last a surprisingly decent amount of time. I was expecting the edge to fall apart really quickly, and they didn't. I cleaned off both disgusting valve covers and the intake manifold with just one of the two blades that came with the tool.

What is it not good at?
It is simply not stiff or hard enough to deal with the REALLY baked on stuff. That being said, I have never preferred to use razor blade scrapers to remove that stuff. I much prefer ScotchBrite pads soaked in WD40.

Would I recommend it?
Not at the price of $4 with only two blades. If you read through the whole article, I provide links to tools that are essentially the same but are much better values as they come with 25 blades. You are essentially getting a plastic razor blade holder (though I would never used the provided one with actual razor blades) with two blades for $4. I bought it because I saw the usefulness of the tool but didn't know there were better values out there. Doing more research for this review, I found much more viable alternatives. I do, however, wholeheartedly recommend the concept and use of plastic scraper blades.
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