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hey guys i'm new here... didn't see a thread made for these yet so here goes...

got them installed on my 5th gen hatch... matched with nuespeed race springs and energy suspension master kit and the rear trailing arm kit.. basically every bushing in the suspension is urethane...

i must say the shocks handle that set up amazingly... i'm running an old pirelli zr rated tire they dont even make anymore but the car turns on rails... i'm yet to get a rear sway bar which would only help the car rotate at autox events... compared to the price of koni yellows i'd say these shocks are well worth the money...

the only main differenes are you get 5 adjustment settings as opposed to 15, and the yellows have 4 or 5 height adjustments... i figure who needs 15 adjustment settings??

anyways i give the shocks two thumbs up... excellent product and lifetime warrenty
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