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Let says an engine with 11:1 to 12:1 compression with mild cam(d16z6 in my case and maybe zex 59300)
running 92 octane

What are the big line on tuning this kind of engine? I had a d16 turbo and a f22 turbo... i was tuning afr to 12:1 on boost and remove timing, and kept the non boost portion as-is

well now i'm a little bit more equipped: i have a willem burner, ostrich, lc1, crome pro a chipped p28 (with datalogging) and a nice laptop.

From what i have read
Starting from a z6 stock map
When tuning at wot... should aim 13:1
tuning part throttle, as high as 15.5 but without too much ignition timing when doing that.. or else keep 14.7
Tuning idle depend on where idle can keep going but usually... lower than 14.7 to keep a nice idle

its mostly on the timing part i'm kinda wtf i should do? i don't have a pyro to check temp (heard it was a good tool to tune timing)

and i will mostly streetune but will keep some time for some dyno session but i'd like to get most of it done before dyno.

if you have tips or advice or links... well post'hem

thank you
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