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So; One of the biggest issues I see today still is lack of basic tuning knowledge; or ability to get problems solved or even a good basemap that isn't just a generated cookie-cutter shot in the dark.

I want to try and change this as much as I can. Use this thread to pick my brain or help you troubleshoot oddities of the tuning life.

Today; I will just jump right in with two files that will be very beneficial to the community.

I just completed tuning my D15B7 using HTS; many many hours of drive time, and countless small tweaks to get it all right. I am happy to finally see eCtune's source back in the wild; and actually severely un-nerfed. I personally did a lot of beta testing in eCtune, and i have a huge list of bugs I can easily reproduce and need to get in touch with the dev to see about getting them handled. So far, they are all issues with the program frontend; no issues with the ROM as far as I can tell. First chance I get on a dyno; I will focus on the timing.
Its nothing suuuuuper special; all done on the street; but if you look at the datalog; you will see how good these fuel maps actually are because the closeloop routine is barely having to make any changes at all. FYI: popcorn mode enabled for shits and giggles. Yes, closeloop is enabled... disable at your leisure.

I also have a tune from a B16A2 I did a quick half hour tuning session on for a friend.... needs more work, but is well within the acceptable realm to start with (open loop only):

More TBA....
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