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I know I need a timing belt from a 88 Prelude. 124 teeth 24mm wide. This is with stock 19T water pump pulley. My plan is to run a 22T water pump pulley from a B-Series VTEC motor. This will help with Cativation issues I think I am having on my race car.

I've done some research and the non vtec B-series(19T water pump pulley) uses a 125 teeth x 26mm belt and the vtec b-series(22T water pump pulley) uses a 126x26mm

My thoughts are as follows: since the b-series motor increase 1 tooth when you change the pulleys, I was thinking I should be able to do the same with my DOHC ZC and have a good length on the belt?

If yes, can I run a Non vtec B-series belt even though it is 2mm wider?

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