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Thunder Grey hatch returns once more

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Just a few pics since i have been doing stuff to it over the winter

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Looks good and you should get a new header, the D15 is probably robbing power from you. Try to find a Z6 one or some cheap ebay one maybe. I like your VTI rims painted white. I have a pair that i have started to paint black but i might change them to white now.
Im sure any 4-2-1 header will be better than the B2 one you are running. I did a Z6 swap in my LSi hatch and ran the B2 header but then changed to a DC sports 4-2-1 and it was much better, gave a little better throttle response but you cant really notice a change but i know i got a few ponies out of it. I know what you mean about everyone wanting the Bseries motors, its the same here in sweden. I am thinking of maybe buying a LSi or a ESi from England in a year or so and if i get a LSi maybe you can help me with the OBD conections. I have never seen a write up on it except for the 4th gen civics because the 5th gens only came with OBD0 D15b2 in europe i think.
With the loom all i did was directly swap the whole loom from an OBDI car, just looks tidier and more OEM

Chris ;)
Yeah i did the same when i did mine but i was thinking if you actually rewired everything yourself you could have helped me out. There is one guy on here from Germany that did it and when i comes time i will look him up and ask him. Thanks for the response.
1 - 3 of 40 Posts
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